You Need That Late Night Drive

Its one of those late Spring nights that’s comfortably warm but still cool and crisp. It’s dark yet you feel like you can see for miles. A low rumble echoes from building to building as you glide along, an icy silver reflection bending and rolling along the empty windows of the buildings usually bustling with activity. Signs large and small illuminate the road and turn it into a seemingly endless patchwork of colours, patterns and shadows. You feel alone in this maze that stands itself as a monument to hustle and bustle. For a brief moment the chaos is tamed, it’s you and your thoughts and it’s perfect.

You merge onto the expressway, a bellow erupts as you pick up speed and you can’t help but compare this sound to the release of all of pent up thoughts in your head. Calmly and steadily you shift gears each one a thunderous reminder keeping you focused on the present. You can’t help but feel a confirmation that this is where you belong.

Steam rises from grates in the roadway, ghostly columns that exist only briefly before being stretched into thin plumes as you fly past. Row on row of lights pass by in a steady rhythm of warm yellow light and darkness. The monotonous flash of passing light begins to focus your senses and quiet your mind. Gold bars of light stream from nose to tail and suddenly before you is a trail to endless possibility.

Before you know it, whole towns and cities pass by. Nothing exists but you and the road, this is a peace many search long and far for. Just as quickly as you found this peace, familiarity brings you back and you realize your exit is coming next. As you slow on the off ramp and pull up to the stop sign all of your thoughts come racing back. House after house lead you home, each buzzing with activity. As you pull into your driveway, you exhale and the hustle and bustle racing in your mind resumes but there is one difference. You now find you have the energy to continue on and you are so glad that you went for that late night drive.


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