Checking In || June 2021

Hopefully this finds you well. I need not remind you that we are living in truly strange times. If your situation is anything like mine, and no doubt it is, you find yourself caught somewhere between busily working from home and having more free time than ever before. How are you passing the time? I decided to crack open some old photo albums, I was not disappointed. Below are some examples from my Dad’s trip to Monaco and Italy in 1984. He was 26 at the time, the same age I am today. Hopefully you enjoy having a look at them while I explain a bit about what’s been going on.

To call the last year a creative roadblock would be a gross understatement. Truthfully, life got busy, then it got busier and after dealing with all that I didn’t have the energy to devote my leftover free time to the page. I know that we are all incredibly busy, so that alone doesn’t excuse anything but when you combine that with a healthy amount of second guessing content ideas, questioning my photography skills and a slightly introverted personality, you end up with the perfect conditions for an idea to collect dust.

I would imagine this is what stops a lot of really great ideas before they even get started. It’s 100% true that we can be our own worst critic and our largest roadblock to progress. The sooner you can acknowledge that, the quicker you can get back on track. It’s also a good opportunity to ask yourself if you even enjoy what you’re working on anymore.

There were a few times when I considered doing away with it all together. Why beat myself up about not building something that wasn’t even bringing me joy? Thankfully, looking through the heaps of old photos I have, I realized that it was never about the content. It was the memories and stories associated with the pictures that made it great. The fun of it was sharing the stories with people who wanted to listen and getting to interact with them. It wasn’t about covering the entire car show, having the perfect edits or writing the next great automotive story, it was just about sharing our experiences and having a good time.

Mercifully, after a long 15 months, it seems like the world is slowly starting to open again. With any luck, it will be legal to cross the provincial border soon and Mario and I can get back to it. I’ve got a few ideas in mind but there’s no timeline on them. When they happen, I’ll post them and until then I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

I’m curious to know, what have you done to get through the last year? Have you started any new projects? Learned any new skills?

Below you can find a few more photos to enjoy. I find it wild to look at these pictures now and compare them to how commercial both locations have become now. Maranello is a must see for the Ferrari fanatic and I’ve never been to Monaco but its definitely on my list!

Can you name the model? I love this picture, imagine getting a peak at Ferrari’s latest and greatest. Looks like a 308 to me but I could be wrong.
Natural blues were not in my mind while trying to recolor a jpeg. Would still make a good postcard
This is the iconic tunnel that you see during the F1 Grand Prix.
The Lamborghini Jalpa. Definitely one you don’t see or hear of much anymore. Fun fact, I called this a Detomaso Pantera on Instagram and was called on it within minutes. The internet is always watching!

As I said in the beginning, I hope this finds you well. We are all due for a break this summer so whatever that looks like for you, I hope you get it. More content to come, I definitely have the renewed interest that I thought I’d lost. Now, its Sunday and its time for a cold one because its hot as hell out. Cheers!



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