Friendly PSA


Friends, I would imagine you’re stuck inside just as I am. I hope this finds you safe and well. If you’re someone who still has to go out to work or are on the front lines as a healthcare worker, thank you. I hope you realize how truly appreciated you are.

While we all get used to staying farther apart, its important that we communicate with each other now more than ever! This is my excuse for coming back to a car blog in the face of what looks like a shut down of car season…let’s hope it doesn’t come to that because I need pictures and I have parts to buy! We are more connected now than any other time in history and now is the time to embrace that. Reach out to one another, be there for each other and for the love of God please limit your intake of the news. Stick to facts, stay informed and check back tomorrow.

For those of you that will read this, my hope is to use some of this free time to share some pictures, share some stories and try to have a laugh. I’d love to hear from you as well, whether its in the comments or however you choose. It could be something about your first car, your favourite road trip or any memory you feel like sharing.

I’ll start with the cover photo here. Its from Driven Winnipeg last summer and because of the creative crop on it, I’ve used it as a cover photo in a lot of places… When you get a good one, you share it around. I flew out for 4 days to visit Mario and get a much needed break from life and I don’t think we stopped laughing from start to finish. It was ungodly warm and I managed a sunburn but I settled my beef with bubble tea so I would consider it a success. Hopefully I’ll make it back out this summer and we’ll have put all this craziness behind us.

Talk Soon,



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