It Happened Again…

It happened again… If you remember when this page started, the roots of my motivation for writing here in the first place stemmed from the fact that I lost my 99 Corolla after less than a summer of ownership. I don’t know if it’s just my luck with old Toyotas or what but I was on my way home again when I lost the Matrix too just about a month ago.

For those of you who might be curious, when a transmission fails it makes spectacular noises. If I had to compare it to something it would have to be trying to stick an aluminum baseball bat into a blender while trying to blend some nails on high. Suddenly the power stopped, the noise started and deep down I knew our time was at its end. Now that may be the overdramatized version of how things played out but believe me being at the side of the road waiting on CAA in the middle of winter puts you in a pretty crappy mood.

You may think I gave up on this car prematurely but I promise you that wasn’t the case. If any of you have owned a 03-04 Toyota product you might be aware that your odometer stops at 299,999 kilometers. This boggles my mind as it’s a digital gauge, would it be that difficult to roll over to 300 thousand? If anyone has a reason for that please let me know. Anyway, I had at least 50 thousand kilometers on top of the limit not that you would believe me if I tried to sell it to you and I was itching for something else anyway. Also, I don’t have all the required tools nor the space to change that transmission myself in a reasonable amount of time and I needed transportation to start a new job in the coming week.

Getting the important part of this update I found something new! I don’t know if the planets aligned or if pigs flew because I ended up picking up a 2013 FRS! If you know me you know it’s a car I’ve had my eyes on for a while and I came across the perfect one for me. It’s a 2013 10 series which basically means it came in Silver Ignition and with the GT86 headlights. Needless to say I’m super happy with it so far and can now proudly say that I’ve learned how to drive manual. I’m looking forward to getting more comfortable with this car and seeing where I go with it in the future. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t missed the Matrix at least once since I left it, It was super practical and good on gas, I have no complaints.



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