Lamborghini Night

This past week a few buddies and I decided to go down to Lamborghini night at Cars and Coffee. Feeling hyped to see what kind of rarities and modern supercars would be awaiting us. Earlier in the year at the season opener I had already seen the beautiful Aventador SV, its return was inevitable. Along with it I had heard about a Countach making an appearance, who wouldn’t be stoked for this meet?


As we get down to Quarry Park we can see its packed, people everywhere, loving the line up of cars. I can see Jaguar F-Types, Rolls Royce, McLaren 570, the line up is looking stacked. Immediately we make our way to these 4 beauties, getting a large amount of attention and for good reason too. The 740hp Aventador SV, up until this cars release I would be lying if I said Lamborghini would be the first supercar I would be running out to buy. They had always felt over the top to me, trying to hard to be flashy until the SV.


Still well over the top, from the spoked wheels to the razor sharp wing, along the smooth aerodynamic body, up to the lower narrow signature Lamborghini look. They did it all right with this car, absolutely one of my faves. The classic Murcielago, honestly what would a Lamborghini meet be without one? I loved the orange next to the bright aqua SV.


El Diablo in the flesh. I’ve seen a few of these around the city over the years but never this one and this colour, wow was it mint. Clean as you would imagine it to be, I wish we had stuck around to watch it roll out it would have been awesome to hear that exhaust rumble. I know what I said earlier that Lamborghini isn’t my thing and it was mostly just the SV, well I lied because I can’t deny the Countach is worthy of its reputation. It feels like something straight from the future even now, I can just imagine what people the past thought when they saw this car. Scissor doors like a space ship, bold body lines showing its dominance rolling down the road, and a thunderous V12 engine to reach those light speeds.



These next 2 are the real gems of the bunch though. Along with not being a Lambo expert I really had no idea what I was looking and didn’t until I got home and did a bit of research myself. The one on the left (red) is a Lamborghini Islero, named after a bull that had killed a matador, and made back in 1968-69 built to replace the 400GT, Lamborghini’s second production car. There were 2 models produced, 125 Islero and 100 Islero S, making this a pretty rare car to come across. The profile fits the 350 GT, Lamborghini’s first production vehicle, produced in 1964. The original Lambo was right infront of us, how crazy is that, the one that started it all. In immaculate shape too, lets not kid around when it comes to condition of this car. When I say absolutely perfect I mean it. The leather underneath the hood, the gauges and entire interior just beautifully kept. It would have been an experience just to sit in it.


Once things got a little calmer as the night went, on shooting was really nice and I got to really feel out some photos, these 3 really caught my eye. With the crowds distracted by the main line up, I had the opportunity to get some real quality shots. With the smoke from the forest fires lately it wasn’t giving much of a sky to work with but when the sun started to descend the light from dusk littered the sky with an orange glow. All in all was a great night, I saw some awesome once in a lifetime cars on a beautiful Calgary evening.


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