New Year // New Plans // New Cars

With the season slowly approaching we have some updates for you as well as my initial thoughts on my truck! I recently got a new job and moved back out west, so now Carlo taking care of coverage in Ontario. Throughout the summer we will have others chime in on the blog as we try to cover as many shows and events as possible. One of the biggest changes over the winter came in the form of new wheels for both of us. Carlo finally got his FRS and I still don’t have a race car but I did pick up the new 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD   Sport.

Fellow Autorealist Photographer Kevin Keegan sold me this awesome truck as soon as I touched down in Calgary (his first sale too!). I took the truck out to the base of Kicking Horse Mountain and it handled the corners well. It felt right at home blasting up the switchbacks and the long climbs. I then decided to climb to the top of Mount 7 which is about a 13.8 km drive up the side of the mountain. About halfway up I had to turn around as there was just too much snow and I really didn’t want to get stuck up there by myself. Up until that point, the truck ate the climb all the way up with no issues, potholes, mud and all ruts were easily overcome by the Tacoma. On long highway drives it’s quiet and comfortable with a great sound system and decent fuel economy. I am extremely happy with the truck so far and I took forward to owning this Tacoma for a long time. I will update you guys consistently throughout the summer on the blog as well as Instagram on how the truck is doing and see if I make any changes to it!

As Mario mentioned above, I finally took the plunge and bought myself the FRS I’ve been wanting since they came out. Perhaps a misguided choice to some but personally I couldn’t be happier. The Matrix met its end just over a month ago when the transmission went and left me at the side of the road. Fitting though that Mario and the lads saw the whole thing happen and turned their car around to have a good laugh at my expense. Surprisingly after 300 thousand and something kilometers it will see the road again because her buyer has a replacement transmission ready. It was time for me to move on though and I don’t even know where to begin with what I want to do to this car. First things first though I need to get some proper pictures of it as soon as possible.


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