Sea to Sky

You’ve probably been told at some point in your life that opportunity is just around the corner. The thing that always bugged me about that was no one could ever tell you exactly what that opportunity was or how you went about getting it. Finally after 22 years of waiting for my date with opportunity I think I have a good example and hell I’ll even tell you how to get it.


Auto Expo Galleria was a fantastic show, it featured some really quality builds from Canada’s West Coast and the day couldn’t have gone smoother. One of the best take aways was meeting Simon Chan and Gerard Gonzalez of the Lost Royalty club. Their cars were definitely two of the major show stoppers and after talking for a bit they invited us to come out for a cruise with them the following day.


Around noon the following day Simon picked us up like two lost tourists and told us we would be meeting up with the rest of the crew at a parkade nearby. If you are even a little crazy about cars, rolling up to the top floor of a parking garage and being greeted by a fine looking line of imports is sure to get you excited. After a whirlwind of introductions and a quick photoshoot it was time to get rolling.


A quick 5 minutes down the road and we were on highway 99 heading up the coast from Vancouver to Squamish. Picturesque honestly doesn’t do this highway justice and its probably a good thing I wasn’t driving because I wasn’t focused on the road.


Twists, turns, ups and downs, we wound our way up the coast breaking the necks of some and occasionally encouraging some questionable hand gestures from others as Mario hung out the window of Jerry’s G37 trying to get the perfect shots. As you can see it was well worth the effort…




Looking at these pictures you would think we had the whole road to ourselves and plenty of room to stretch the cars legs but this wasn’t exactly the case. Now unfortunately due to a horribly slow and excessively large vehicle known as the RV cruising becomes more of a game of weave and pass and you almost lose your photographer in the process.


Before seeing this Subaru if you had asked me about yellow wheels I would have told you to stay away from them completely but here they add just enough colour to make the car pop. Yes they are REAL for all you people with way too much time on your hands. I felt at home with my fellow rod knock enthusiasts and Mario may have grown a small Subaru soft spot as well.



After an hour or so we reached Squamish and with that came the obligatory refuel at Tim Hortons, we would show you a picture of that but 10 people stuffing their faces with coffee and sandwiches is fairly self explanatory. Then it was a blast back down the highway to Cypress Mountain, our group thinned a bit but the drive just kept getting better. Don’t pay any attention to skid marks in these next photos because I don’t know anything about them…really.


Perched high on the mountain we were all able to pull over and stretch our legs. We then proceeded to turn the car in various directions and run around with a fog machine which you see above…yeaaa.

Of course, no fantastic day is complete without an equally fulfilling dinner experience and this is where we were introduced to the Richmond Night Market.


Rows on rows of food vendors line the isle ways of the market offering you some of the best Asian street food around. If you like mangos, lamb and squid this is the place for you. For a more than reasonable price you can try countless different dishes and build a meal that serves as both nourishment and an adventure.


We finished the night off with some carnival games and the most committed quarter toss you have ever seen in your life. Huge fluffy plush cat in hand, it was time to head home victorious.

Mario and I would like to thank Simon, Natalie and all the Lost Royalty and Hentai Kings members for taking us along. While it may not have been the biggest cruise by their standards, it was really a crowning jewel to our trip and it represented everything thats great about the car scene. So that brings us to the end of the story and I think you can agree that opportunity definitely did smack me in the face here. So if you take anything away from this, it should be that events as simple as car shows are great places to share your passions and meet new people. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself heading home with a ton of great memories and new friends.

Carlo Perrotta




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