Auto Expo Galleria 2016

You know what, I actually don’t like shooting car shows. They can be long, dragged out and they often leave me so exhausted that I won’t touch the pictures till the following day. Lately I have become more of a spectator then a photographer, but there is always something intriguing about going to a new city and seeing a car scene thats brand new. Battle Industries Inc recently hosted Auto Expo Galleria in Vancouver BC, which was a medium sized show that featured many high quality builds from all over the Pacific NorthWest.





As is the case with what seems like every show these days, there were a few exotics parked front and centre. Little did the owners know, that there was a mark 4 supra lurking behind them that would eat these cars on its lowest boost setting.  As much as the R35 has looked the same over the last few years with not much change, the new face lift has really grown on me and I feel like white brings out the lines in a way the other colours fail to do.



These 3 NSXs were something to die for, they were miraculously maintained with extremely tasteful mods. Lately I have really fallen for the NSX because I think the car has aged so well, it would be such a treat to own one.

classoc_Benz Triple.jpg

Sneaking down in the lower level was three Mercedes looking well polished, personally I would take the vintage one.


On a side note, even though he is one of our closest friends this is a car that tends not to get enough credit with judging. In my opinion most judges can’t relate to the amount of work and custom fabrication has gone into this car. It’s something you rarely see on a streetcar. But that’s a topic for another day…


It was great to see some fellow Calgary Cars! Happy Endings had a few of their cars turn out with Lost Royalty hard parked along side of them. This is the end of part one, part two will have my top 5 favorite cars from the show including some wild cards.  Special Thanks to Battle Industries  for putting on a great show, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.




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