Ger Reyes’ Widebody S2k

Standing at the end of the long black cobblestone driveway, our anticipation was electric. Mario and I were eagerly waiting for Ger Reyes and his Honda S2K to arrive fresh from a successful Importfest where he took home Best Honda and Baddest S2000.

Shot 2

The attention to detail is instantly evident and we were both in awe when he pulled up with it on the trailer. Almost equally amazing is the fact that he towed it all the way from Winnipeg on an open trailer without a single stone chip, true bravery shows in many different ways.

shot 19

In my mind two things really set the appearance of this car apart from others. The “Avalanche Grey” paint is flawless and this is the first time I’ve ever really liked a lighter grey on a car. The second thing is obviously the M&M wide body kit which is installed so well you could argue it came with the car. After telling me about the struggle that is was to get a shot if this thing in front of as many McDonald’s M’s as possible you should check out the results here.

Shot 5

We haven’t even turned to face the house yet and this thing makes you want to remortgage your house and build your own. As ill advised as that is you may just come close if you’re passionate enough, hard work will get you there too if you can find the patience.

Shot 8

What you have here is a picture of a beautiful Maserati Quattroporte with a fiery red leather interior fading into the background behind a Japanese battleship.

shot 15

We swear that geyser of water erupted out of the ground as soon as he pulled up to the house…

shot 12

How the Fast and Furious should have looked after the first big heist

shot 24

It was a pleasure to meet Gerbie and we are honored that he was interested in doing a shoot with us. You will be hard pressed to find a guy that is more passionate and enthusiastic about his build while remaining humble and embodying everything that is good about the car scene. We look forward to seeing where the car goes from here because the bar is set way high.

Carlo Perrotta


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