HAUTE AG || Shop Spotlight

It’s been just over a year since I visited Haute AG Performance in Calgary. I was there for their opening show and shine which offered open access to their shop and showroom. Fast forward to my trip out this past April to attend Driven 2016 and check up on some of my favorite shops around the city at the same time.

Driving in to the parking lot was a show in itself with classic Porsches and an M5 in a beautiful spec. The real surprise came as soon as I stepped through the front door as right there in front of me sat a 930 Turbo RUF Slant-nose. I’ve grown to love classic Porsches but this one has taken the cake and trust me when I say the price tag on this made me nervous to get too close.

Walking through the showroom and into the shop I was greeted by Daniel’s Bonkers E46 M3 fitted with a turbo so big that birds occasionally get sucked in (sorry Tweety…). Daniel is an avid weekend warrior and constantly brings the M3 to Castrol Speedway to crush some lap times, suck in more birds and maybe a Honda or two along the way.

Moving further into the shop i came across two LS powered monsters including Chris’s LS G35 coupe which we featured previously and Alex Lee’s famous LS GS 400 sedan. With zero exhaust and tons of wide angle, you will hear these two constantly making loud noises and see lots of smoke dumping off the back while they battle it out in western Canada’s Spec D series.

Finally, as I walked around I spotted something very odd in the back of a Porsche, yes that’s another LS stuffed in the butt of a Stuttgart special. You know what’s so special about this build? It’s going to be all wheel drive, hopefully there will be more on this in the future. Haute AG specializes in everything from full blown race cars to the average commuter and they pride themselves on constantly being unique and professional with their builds and services.

I look forward to stopping by again in the near future, hopefully with another special feature on what they’re up to not far behind. Special Thanks to Daniel, Chris and Alex and the whole Haute AG Team for opening the shop after hours and having us stop by for a tour.

Author: Mario Cozzarini

Editor: Carlo Perrotta


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