CSCS Round 2 TMP Cayuga


Sunday June 26th Mario and myself headed to Toronto Motorsports Park for the second round of the Canadian Sport Compact Series. Unlike the freezing temperatures and blowing snow we saw at Mosport DDT, this day the track felt like an absolute oven and any available shade was a luxury. We arrived nice and early in order to beat the crowds and got track side just in time to catch the end of the first drift practice.

shot 4

We were lucky enough to actually get some track time with Dave Biagioni and Nikii Beis in the first practice sessions and we were left wanting our own MX5s to whip around in.

Dave's V8 Miata_1

Dave’s 2007 Miata sets itself apart from the pack on track with an insane LS3 engine swap. Taking a look inside the engine bay you would think that it came straight from the factory with the V8 power plant tucked snug inside.

shot 5

Nikii’s 2011 MX5 maintains its Mazda roots with a fully built 2.5L from Motoeast and the weekend track toy is completed with a carbon wing and race brakes for maximum go kart appeal.

shot 9

It was nice to see this FRS being put through its paces, its too often that you see these big flashy body kits on cars and when it comes time to perform they fall more than short. Maybe Varis should team up with Toyota for the next GT86 redesign, a little more aggression wouldn’t hurt anyone.

shot 2

The show and shine is never disappointing and this minty green 3 series was one of many highlights. Unless you’re a judge I don’t think its possible to take in the minute details of each car that turns up. The best part for me is seeing what changes the usual competitors have made since last season and sometimes even since the previous event.

shot 7

If you don’t take a good look through the parking lot, you are going to miss some real gems. This is probably one of my favorite Mustangs that I’ve seen in a while and it deserved more attention than it received.

shot 8

We finished up our day around 4 o’clock mostly due to the fact that we were all exhausted from the heat (must invest in tent!). On the way home we were able to grab a few good shots making the trip almost as fun as the day had been. CSCS heads to Montreal this weekend for round 3 action. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Facebook page as we have a big trip in store to closeout Summer 2016.

Carlo Perrotta


Check out a couple of extra pictures here as well as the feature image!


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