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The other day I realized that in three years of doing this there has been no explanation of the blog name and no information about how or why we do this. Let me start by clarifying that AutoRealist is not an alias or a name. Sometimes I hear and see Mario or myself referred to as “The AutoRealist” and honestly it makes me cringe then laugh a little because to me it sounds like some caped crusader called to rid the world of automotive injustice. I want some royalties if anyone uses that for a comic book by the way.

According to the google machine , a realist is defined as someone who sees things for what they are and deals with them in a practical manner. You can extend this definition to the artistic realm by saying that a realist is someone who portrays realism. Now if you wrap your head around that definition then add a healthy obsession with the automotive world you could stretch the mathematics of language just enough to arrive at the term “AutoRealist”.

Originally it was just myself writing the odd blog post here and there and I just wanted to see if I could get out more and explore the Ontario car scene a bit. I quickly realized that if I wanted to generate more content it would make sense to have another contributor. This is the point where Mario came into the picture. He happened to be heading out to Calgary for the summer and thought it would be a great idea if he could start taking some pictures out there. Cue the landslide.

All throughout the summer I received countless photos from Mario and his constant improvement was evident as the pictures were better than I could have ever hoped for. While he was out there he tormented this one car club so much that they decided to bring him along with them one day to shut him up! Alright, so that’s not exactly how it happened, he introduced himself to the gents at 51onefourteen  and they became friends in one of the best motorhead fairy tales you have ever heard. Check them out because they have some of the wildest cars around.

Fast forward to Summer 2016 and there are 6 of us in all that contribute content now, 3 out west and 3 of us in Ontario. Our main objective is to get out to those local car meets and events to showcase the local talent but also just because we want to see for ourselves. AutoRealist is the perfect venue to talk all cars all the time and that’s just what we plan to do .

Carlo Perrotta






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