Chris’ LS G35

During my week in Calgary,  I heard about a little pop up car meet not to far away from where I was staying. I grabbed my gear and headed down the highway with hopes that this meet would produce some interesting cars.
Cars slowly started filing in from the nearby highway exit. Then all of a sudden, I heard a downshift, a classic V8 Roar followed by intoxicating exhaust crackles and an unusual body line. What in the world…..I had to find the owner. Chris and I chatted briefly, exchanged information and decided to shoot while I was touring Haute AG.
There I got chat more with Chris and his awesome Supercharged LS Swapped G35.
Back in the day Chris owned a fully built S13 used for spirited drives around town as well as the occasional daily drive. But as Chris grew up a bit so did his affection for a larger chassis car.
Chris settled on an Infiniti G35, not the top choice for most tuners but something he felt like would set him apart from the regular group of S and R chassis cars. Personally I have always loved Infiniti’s, very distinct yet timeless design characteristics.
When it came to the motor Chris wanted to stick with something JDM, but not all things go according to plan. He decided that he wanted to swap in a Supercharged LS motor. Now before you go on about “it’s just another LS swap…be different!” just hold on. If you have ever been in a LS swapped car it just feels right. I have a tough time describing it but the low to mid range torque is a ton of fun around the city and on the highway it pulls like a train. With the addition of the supercharger, it gives you a car with the perfect amount of power for both the street and the track. I personally love LS swaps and I don’t know why people don’t as it is a great motor that you can depend on.
Chris is slowly getting the interior back together as well as replacing the glass with Lexan to shed some additional weight. He has installed some suspension bits to get some more angle for skids, check out 403 Media’s video of that HERE. Overall I see this as a very good engine and chassis combo. The VQ engine that comes stock in the G35 is good but tough to get a lot of power out of. A supercharged LS is the perfect fit with room to grow when Chris decides to make a fast car even faster. Hopefully I get a ride in this soon
Special Thanks to Daniel, Chris, Alex and the Haute AG team for letting me come down to shoot, it’s always appreciated and a privilege to take a closer took at local performance shops.
Mario Cozzarini

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