CSCS 2016 Season Opener

This past weekend marked the beginning of the 2016 Canadian Sport Compact Series season at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Excitement was running high and the scene looked more like a December day than a Spring weekend with rain, sleet, snow and frigid winds pommeling the track. Nevertheless, many cars and fans turned out eager to take in some time attack action.


The unsettled weather made morning practice sessions interesting across all three groups. The runoff area at the first corner saw a lot of use, as many drivers experienced their cars on a cold slippery track for the first time and slid right on through. Luckily as the day progressed the track temperatures increased and the sun made an appearance making it possible to put down some quick lap times during qualifying.

If you are a regular attendee of CSCS, you can agree that one of the best parts about it is watching the amateur drivers improve their skills and their cars from season to season. The level of passion, hard work and skill is unmatched by any event I have ever attended.

Black Bagged Honda

Nissan Gloria

The Show and Shine was more accurately dubbed the Snow and Shine as many prepped and polished their cars in the blowing snow. Quality and originality was high and it was nice to see such a variety of vehicles on display.

Crazy Leo 2

Not one to miss a track day, Crazy Leo was in attendance putting the new Race Lab Evo through its paces. A few lucky individuals got the chance to ride shotgun and it looked like it was absolutely flying!

Crazy Leo On Track

Last but not least, the drifters put on a great show all day long even though there was only a fraction of the usual field. Ultimately, Pat Cyr won the day with his insane Corolla but Brent Stratton was close behind and it seems like he is going to be pushing harder than ever this year with his lime green 240SX.

Brent Green 240Pat Cyr AE

So now all sights are set on Toronto Motorsports Park on June 26. As the summer progresses we plan to bring all of you a little more about what makes CSCS special. Driver profiles to preparation and all the fun stuff in between. If last weekend was any taste of whats to come, we can’t wait to get back to the track.

Carlo Perrotta




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