Spring 2016 Update!

So what have we been up to? Since the season wrapped up, I finished up my internship and Carlo and I headed back to school for our last year and a half of class. Unfortunately, automotive engineering doesn’t give us too much time to write articles and produce content as much as we would like to. Thankfully, school is slowly coming to an end and race car season is right around the corner and we know that is enough to get most of you excited!  Here are some quick updates!


Over the winter we added two more photographers and possibly one video editor. Jordan Chan and Dakota Walkey will help cover all the great Alberta content you got to see last summer, from Tuesday Cars and Coffee to Friday nights at Barlow and all the shows in between! Our friend Cory Woo will be editing small clips together, we are not video guys so this will be a learn as we go type of thing.


Over the winter I decided to take up the over saturated but rarely mastered art of street photography, this gave me a chance to break in my new camera and keep the rust off heading into our second major season. We will be covering various events as they come up and following the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) which showcases great local racing talent and some awesome builds (expect lots of track shots!).


Carlo and myself will be making the trip out for arguably the best modified car show on the west side of Canada; Driven. We are still unsure of how long we will be out in Calgary but we plan on shooting everything including the show, various shops and unique builds to bring back with us to Ontario. This is all I will say for now but expect lots of quality photography, writing and some of the best content the local scenes have to offer.


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