Thank You YYC


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As I am heading back to school and the car season is slowly coming to an end, I took some time to reflect on what turned out to be an unforgettable summer…

LSRob Roller 2

Four months ago I bought tickets to this car show I had heard about called Driven. I have been to a few shows in the past and expected nothing more than the usual, but it was more than that. I saw cars and builds that were jaw dropping, unbelievable engine swaps into cars you would never think were possible and wheel fitment that you would never expect to see on the road. I saw years of work and experience applied to make show quality cars. Car Clubs and Performance Shops showing off their best work with owners going above and beyond and letting nothing hold them back.

engine Shot

Head over to Barlow any weekend and you could see what late night surprises might turn up or take a run through Mexico to see if you could keep up with the best of the best. Car culture was everywhere and the more I went out, the more I would see and experience it. A few more shows went by, a few weekly meets and a couple of cruises and all of a sudden it was over too quickly. The season went by fast and I wish I could have slowed it down. Thinking back now it’s like I was on boost the whole summer.


Looking past the cars to the owners themselves, the guys and girls that have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on their dream is nothing short of inspiring. I loved how they would take time out of their work to explain to me what they had done to their car. After every shoot I did, we would just sit there and talk about the car and I would just listen to them try and explain how they brought their dream to fruition. You can see it with your own eyes, the expression, dedication and passion they have for this hobby and their desire to share it with others. I love that. To me this is what separates the Calgary car scene from all the others, this is what made an impression on me and made me realize my own passion.

Lambo Pair

I can only say great things about the people I had the opportunity to meet. Each driver was different from the next but they all shared that same passion for the scene that they grew up around. This may not be much, but this is where I raise my glass to the Car Scene in the West, thank you, I hope to be back soon.

Dedicated to all the new friends I met through cars,

Mario Cozzarini

Haute AG E63 (1 of 1)

Colton Roller_1

Dante Interior_


One thought on “Thank You YYC

  1. Amazing story! You captured the devotion, dedication and passion of a group of skilled people not highly publicized and recognized.
    The photos are truly spectacular and help bring life to the story!
    Well done Mario Cozzarini

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