We’re all Savages

Personal opinion and expression is probably one of the most important parts of the car world, its what makes car shows worth attending and races worth watching. If we didn’t have personal preference, we would all be driving the same thing. While this personal expression in its purest definition is the greatest thing about cars, I am starting to think that its also one of the most crippling parts if we start to take it so seriously.

I didn’t really start to take notice of this until I started looking at different car spotting groups on facebook and instagram. Looking past all the shots of cars in peoples rear view mirrors and “potato shots” there were actiually some nice pictures of interesting vehicles that you generally aren’t luck enough to see on the daily. Turning my attention to the comments was like jumping into a battlefield, some people just dove into them with their claws out. Maybe you like Lamborghini’s more than Ferrari’s, that’s your thing and it only affects you. By no means is this your ticket to call the Ferrari lovers of the world every name in the book, what possible issue could you be dealing with that could make you that aggressive? They’re all fast and we can’t afford either of them so just take a seat with the rest of us and scroll on.

This happens with all kinds of cars, imports, exotics, muscle cars. If you can name it, someone has probably verbally assaulted another person about it at one time or another. I fail to understand why once we hit the computer, the love of cars becomes such a high tension thing yet when we get to the shows its all like “you do you”, “its not about what you drive, its how” and “I can respect the effort they’ve put in”.  Believe it or not, you can say “I don’t like it” without becoming hostile and a total lunatic. This is probably a rant we have all considered saying at one time or another, hopefully like minded people will prevail and we will make seeing unique cars fun again because car spotting and car discussion is great, probably one of my favorite things in the world. Please, lets act like ladies and gentlemen.

Be nice to each other, there’s enough window shopping for all of us.



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