AUTOREALIST FEATURE 002: Aaron’s 1990 Nissan Skyline GTST


When people start to modify their cars it is very easy to get carried away and go over the top, but how do you find that happy medium? During Driven 2015 I caught up with Aaron and his 1990 Nissan Skyline GTST sitting perfectly at the AutoDream Booth.  I immediately fell in love with his car; to me this car perfectly defines that medium.


Aaron has owned his Skyline for 4 years and tells me he’s making small changes here and there but nothing over the top. When he first picked it his Skyline, it had the underpowered RB20 power plant which is great, but can only go so far. With a little help from the guys at AutoDream here in Calgary a RB25 Neo6 out of R34 GTT was dropped in for great base to build a solid power plant.  With an upgraded turbo, FMIC, fuel system, cooling and supporting mods Aaron had the perfect mix to make a strong amount of horsepower for the internally stock engine.  After getting it up on the dyno he put down an impressive 430whp and 300 tq at 17psi. Aaron’s next upgrade will be a metal head gasket and ARP head studs which will allow him to turn the boost up a bit more and put down some more power.


When it came to the interior Aaron added everything so that it had a functional purpose, from the suede Bride Status Seats (Outstanding Quality) to the latest Boost controller from GReddy.  Sometimes owners tend to go over board when it comes to the interior but I think Aaron did it just perfectly with the flush gauges and buttons in the center console.  On the outside the ever so popular Midnight Purple paint was already on the car when Aaron first got it, besides bayside blue, this is the best color for any skyline in my opinion.  A GTR front Bumper and Carbon fiber trunks complete the exterior modifications.




Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Work Misters SR1; these wheels fit the skyline’s body and shape perfectly.


Look around on every popular Instagram and you see cars on cars modified to bat shit crazy levels and it’s great but it’s also nice to see something different, you know ?. Don’t get me wrong I love a detailed build where thousands of hours have been put in to make it perfect, nothing left untouched.  But when someone goes about a build to ensure the simplest changes are made to make the biggest impact, that’s something I love to see.

Mario Cozzarini


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