AutoRealist Feature 001: 2002 Subaru WRX

(Click the photos to enlarge them!)

Welcome to the first AutoRealist feature, what you have here is an extremely clean 2002 Subaru WRX owned by a friend of mine. This car represents something I hope to build the courage to do myself, to just go out and get a vehicle that makes you happy and represents yourself without breaking the budget. Modification wise, this vehicle comes in at a fairly modest 260 hp but is an absolute blast to ride in as its thick dunlop tires glue it to the road as if it were on rails, it honestly feels like a rocket. The STI body panels and that classic back wing really set the car off in my opinion and the hks exhaust paired with a turbo axis blowoff valve is absolute music to the ears. It was a true pleasure to take photos of this awesome car and riding in it was the perfect bonus. I hope you enjoy the pictures and a huge thank you to Ross Skanes for the fantastic editing to really set the pictures off! Keep an eye out for more features like this in the future.









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