Car SAD, The Unknown Epidemic


March 2015…. its cold, its grey, its snowy and its salty and the roads look like the surface of the moon, whats not to love? The answer to that question is EVERYTHING, its all terrible; and if you feel this way too, you’re likely experiencing Car SAD. Car SAD is the incurable, heart wrenching strain of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Its that feeling when you walk outside and you look at your car and its coated in so much salt spray that you cant even tell the original colour. Its that sigh you let out when you walk into work only to find out that your pants look like they are covered in flour because you mistakenly brushed your leg against your car when you got out. **brushes off pants vigorously** Its that 5 minutes after you leave the car wash feeling good about what you’re driving again only to get out and realize that your car is already covered in salt, slush, dirt and sadness. Finally its that full body jolt you get when you run into a humongous pot hole while cursing the snow plow driver who an hour earlier you were praying would come clear the street. The only cure is spring and the pain is real. If you’re suffering from Car SAD, hang in there friend, driving season is just around the corner.


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